Watching the bright future

Client “Budget”

Watching the bright future

Watching the bright future

Watching bright future

Original source – TheKeks, by Bogdan Brkić

One simple advice to all clients who wants to go on online and to do “real-some-thing”.. first re-think and re-calculate your budget. Second, find appropriate agency (freelancer/team .. ) and tell him/them what is your budget & goal for this project.

Why is this approach GOOD.

Client knows what is his budget limit – based on his business performance or future expectations/opportunities ..

Real down to business freelancer/team/agency/.. knows what make sense to do online, what works & what doesn’t, he know time frames for deliveries, prices, trends, ROI issues, opportunities etc..

Simply it saves time and deliver best ideas/results at the end for client. It creates strong, efficient and creative bond between client & agency. Client wants new market or to reinforce existent one and agency wants steady income, chance/time to do something great/new/fresh/.. with real business result. Why with “real measured result” – because client will work again with that agency and others will recognize you and your work which will produce for agency more good work in future.

If we go back at the beginning of our carriers we’ll remember that we wanted to CREATE something GOOD, VALUABLE, NEW so others will give us respect and everything what comes with that – new work, new clients, freedom, profit, chance to meet new interesting people, see new places, create new ideas etc.

Isn’t it great.