Event presentation management at European athletic competitions

Hello visitor. This is description of one of our projects dealing with Event presentation management at European athletics competitions. Aim of this project description is to explain complete proces along with bits and pieces not appearing at Event Presentation Guidelines distributed by European Athletics (extra material). To begin with, scope of this document will be to explain in much details how to prepare for Event presentation, how to plan and to prepare all inputs and outputs to serve you on competition. It will also deal with human, organizational and management issues that can happen during such event. You will  also find all templates used for planning and execution of Event Presentation (EvPr) and links to vendors equipment we used during the process. Covered competition was European Team Championship – Second League in Novi Sad, on 18th and 19th of Jun 2011. Results can be found at results page. Informations were provided by TimeTronics Athletic Managerand data processing required for other services by independent contractor.

Hardware setup

How does the hardware setup looks like? It’s basically done using inexpensive hardware and software avoiding bigger cost.

Things to look after and avoid

  1. Always have dedicated machines (PC or Mac) for sole purpose of competition. No extra software should be installed.
  2. Never update any kind of software unless absolutely necessary
  3. Have cold storage of sugar snacks and soft drinks for your team
  4. Each person should have one or two tasks
  5. Always prepare in advance (few hours before competition) complete system
  6. Gather all graphical files in advance
  7. Normalise volume of Music files e.g. everything should be prepared in order for music producer or DJ have only one function – play the music at the right time

How did it looked like?

Follow the video.

Working display presentation


Chroma key – make picture or video transparent by removing certain color (usually non existant in natural world – green or blue) from source Time sheet – very long list of events


  • Video production – BoinxTV ($499)
  • Apple hardware – Mac Pro, Mac Mini & MacBook Pro ($3.499, $699 and $1.199) or just try to rent
  • TimeTronics – -photo finish & timing equipment (MacFinish II Ethernet Pro + MacFinish II SCSI)
  • Apple software – Keynote
  • Various equipment needed for production
  • Live streaming using UStream service
Best way to assemble the system is to rent equipment if you are working from time-to-time. In case of constant work – have a dedicated system for this purpose.

Photo finish and data processing


  • Excel timesheet of event used for Event Presentation Time Keeper – event-presentation-plan
  • Keynote template for making video intros and announcements – evropsko-podaci.key
  • CSS file for TimeTronics HTML design. Appropriate for Chroma Keying – tvscreen
  • Music list for competition – playlist


Man power is essential. Stamina in crucial. Easy going temper is required. Submission to proper management (of event presentation manager) is a must.

Look for people who are professional and ready to go one step beyond their responsibilities. You can not predict everything, but you can be prepared for unexpected.

You really need – time reader and checker (person who follows script and check availability of information), DJ, video producer and person for communication with competition manager.

Photo finish system & Data processing

Your main source of information required for operational competition is – on-time (or real time) acquisition of data from track & field events. This means that company providing data from field must be skilled and fast, with reliable equipment. TimeTronics is excellent company with such product. FinishLynx is good with wide range of options and somewhat experimental approach to problem of athletic competition. TimeTronics is on the other hand little conservative. Those two solutions are for moderate budgets.

 There is also top of the tops named Seiko/Swiss Timing/Omega and MSL. Expensive – with attitude of Greek Gods but manageable.  With these guys you have complete service for competition. No need for additional data processing.

On the spot computer graphics

Most of computer graphics is done using already presented TimeTronics and FinishLynx equipment and respective add-ons. Expensive companies have this facility already integrated. In case you have inquires feel free to contact us through irecevic at gaia dot rs.