About and around end of 2006 – Ivan & Dejan decided to build high end IT consulting agency. That’s how things got started.

The service offering changed during the time as high end IT started to mean so many things.
Finally we settled with following structure.

Three main types of business in three areas : IT, BI and digital marketing.

The focus, since 2016, became digital marketing and advertising as very dynamic and challenging area. Other parts started to fulfill digital marketing stack like LEGO bricks (robust infrastructure through IT, data management and structure through BI).

We build pretty nice portfolio of clients since the beginning and we are proud that we still work with most of them, growing their and our business.

Our clients tend to cherish their privacy (we too), which means you will find very, very short list of clients.

Usually, we work based on recommendation – that gives us opportunity to be fully immersed in clients business and ways to help their business become awesome. Which means – we do not have hundreds of clients.

Our process is really streamlined and simplified for easy understanding (it is more complex due to DMAIC philosophy we practice but again – client understanding is crucial).

Our process for clients – simple right?

Looks nice? Not to complex? Everything below the surface is super complex with background checking, analysis, hypothesis… We did not want to scare you just to taste a bit of our everyday’s work. We make it simple and actionable – in order for you to focus on your most important job – be great (with our support).

Someone might call it consulting – we call it engagement.

We have HUGE website in our local language (serbian – thank you for asking) with hundreds of blog posts about data, entrepreneurship, business growth, consulting…

That’s it about us. What about you?

We are based in Serbia, South East Europe GMT +1, and we work on-site, remotely, in conference rooms at airport, jumping into quick call-in to discuss with corporate some numbers and decisions – you think it / we did it.